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Brian ORourke

Amazon Reviewer for Dragon's Gap - Love's Catalyst - Verified Purchase

***** Love's Catalyst or Book 2.5 in Dragon's Gap

A lovely novella, adding more detail around Lars and Claire, as well as their infant son. We get additional insight into Ella's life and Donald's deep and abiding prejudice.

Maureen Newport

Amazon Reviewer for DRAGON'S GAP Verified Purchase

***** Awesome

Wonderful story. Very much enjoyed all the personality of all the characters, so looking forward to reading the next book

Diane Hennebry


***** Loved this book!! Loved the whole series!!

The Dragons Gap series was an inspiration. The people in it and the dragons and other shifters, the fairies and unicorns captured the imagination and carried you on to each and every book. I just wished it would carry on even more to the story as Dragons Gap opened itself up to the rest of the world.

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