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What readers are saying about the NEW Science Fiction Series: DAUGHTER of ETHOS

Annie K 69

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***** Loved it, great story

Future Earth has been devistated by a virus. Peyton St Hill was 5 when most males died. Her mother an addict her father unknown, she was raised by her grandparents. Another wave didn't discriminate. She lost her beloved grandfather. Her grandmother follow a few years later. At 19, Peyton was in her own. A genius with a logical and analytical mind, she did what she had to to survive.
Then the Coalition came, in answer to the call for help. The aliens promised a cure, Earth's government betrayed her people. Human women and their malleable DNA, making them a valuable commodity.
Peyton and her sisters of the heart, have a plan to save as many females as the can. The have enlisted the Coalition 's own warriors against them.
Peyton is not a normal human. The virus not a normal virus. The Earth is a sentient being. She is making changes.
Peyton, her sister, her warriors and the women who want to escape have been given a new home by the entity who created all. Peyton has been given power and the title of daughter to make it happen.
Change is coming to the universe. A quirky young women and her misfit family, backed by the strongest warriors in the universe, who are now family, are going to make it happen.
Would rate as PG, adult content but not graph in depictions. A lot of humor. The warriors are alpha-mellows, with literal minds. Powerful and fierce. They find strength and understanding, in the women, as they adapt to being free.
The women all very in age and life experience. They have their flaws. They work well together. Playing to their strengths. A nice epilogue, to wrap up the beginning of their adventure. A set up for the arrival to their new home world. Looking forward to the next book.

Maureen Newport

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***** Awesome

Wonderful story. Very much enjoyed all the personality of all the characters, so looking forward to reading the next book

Caroline Doig


***** Fantastic Story.

What a fantastic start to a new series I enjoyed it immensely but sorry guys I’m not going to give any spoilers so read the blurb and there’s a chapter there to read as well so there’s plenty for you to get the gist of this story. It is a great backstory with fantastic characters great plot and it’s very well written but then it’s a story by L.M. Lacee do I need to say more?, I can’t wait to read the next book in this series and I highly recommend this book it’s definitely well worth the read.
I received a copy of this book and I voluntarily leave my review.

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L. M. Lacee

Leonie grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, and travelled to America and Australia with her husband and four, now grown sons experiencing different peoples and cultures.